The Involved Retiree

Wealthy “involved retirees and pre-retirees” turn to Kiplinger’s Retirement Report for in-depth guidance about the issue that means the most to them—living the retirement of their dreams.

They are goal-oriented.
94% want to ‘live better’ during retirement, and 95% are seeking financial advice that will help them do that.

They are active planners.
93% own mutual funds and 89% own a retirement account.

They value actionable solutions.
85% made a securities transaction and 53% invested in a new mutual fund or ETF during the past year.

Retirement is a full-time adventure.

Topline numbers*
89,000 Total Subscribers

  • 61%: Average Renewal Rate
  • 85% / 15%: Male / Female
  • 32%: Ages 45 to 64
  • 66: Average age
  • $157,065: Average household income
  • $2.6 million: Average household net worth
  • $1.7 million: Average investment portfolio
  • 80%: Married
  • 89%: Graduated College+
  • 63%: Retired
  • 28%: Employed

Subscribers spend nearly 1 hour reading each issue.
*Source: 2014 KRR Subscriber Study

9 out of 10 subscribers
Value health insurance and Medicare stories.

85% of subscribers
Made a securities transaction during the past year.

55% of subscribers
Take action as a result of Healthcare ads.