A letter from Knight Kiplinger …

More than a publishing business: To us, it’s a mission

At Kiplinger, we are committed to providing expert guidance about investments, retirement planning and wise money management.

Nothing is more important than our readers’ trust in us. And we earn that trust every day by providing sound, unbiased advice and information.

For advertisers, it’s an opportunity

Over the years, that commitment to editorial excellence has enabled Kiplinger’s to attract a uniquely involved audience. In fact, Kiplinger’s readers are the most serious consumers of personal finance information today.

Internal surveys, as well as independent industry analysis, confirm that our readers are highly affluent and influential people. They are actively involved in managing their personal finances and frequently tell us how much they value Kiplinger content, routinely holding on to it for future reference and sharing it with others. Many take specific actions as a result of our advice.

Thus, our publishing platforms are ideal for connecting with these fully engaged audiences. Their trust in us means they are more receptive to your advertising messages. And that’s just one of the ways our high editorial standards benefit you.

I urge you to explore this online media kit fully, so you can learn more.

A bit about our history

The Kiplinger organization was founded in 1920 by my grandfather, W. M. Kiplinger. A few years later, he launched The Kiplinger Letter. This weekly report of forecasts on business, government and the global economy is still going strong more than 90 years later. I’m proud to say that it remains the longest continuously published newsletter in the United States.

Over the years, Kiplinger’s has added several other newsletter titles. These include The Kiplinger Tax Letter, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report, and most recently, Kiplinger’s Investing for Income.

In 1947, Kiplinger created the nation’s first personal finance magazine, originally called Kiplinger Magazine, then Changing Times for many years, and now known as Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. The magazine’s reputation for providing down-to-earth advice on managing money and achieving financial security is unmatched.

We developed Kiplinger’s Retirement Report to respond to our readers’ increasing interest in this area. In the report, we endeavor to help our readers live the retirement of their dreams, offering them the kind of authoritative and comprehensive advice they need to do just that.

Pioneering our unique brand of journalism online, the company launched Kiplinger.com in the 1990s. Today, the site is the fastest growing website in the personal finance space with millions of unique visitors each month. We are continuously expanding our presence by reaching visitors on mobile and tablet devices, and on social media. In addition to traditional articles and columns, we make liberal use of interactive tools and calculators, videos, slideshows, and infographics — all designed to provide readers with content they will find invaluable, in the format they find most engaging.

Kiplinger’s means quality

Kiplinger is a prestigious brand built on a heritage of trust and a reputation for authoritative financial advice. Nearly 5 million readers each month recognize this solid foundation and place their trust in our brand.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.